What is Hand eye coaches?

Hand Eye Coaches is a sports vision training program that is designed to improve the visual and cognitive functions of athletes, with a speciality in working with goalies. 


The objective is to enhance athletes' visual and cognitive function so they can begin to receive information quicker, process it quicker, and react quicker.


This can allow the athlete to slow the game down around them and give them a competitive edge over the competition.


Benefits can include, improving the function of the following skills.


Eye-Hand Coordination, Visual Processing Speed, Reaction Time, Peripheral Awareness, Multiple Object Tracking, Ball/Puck Tracking, Anticipation, Spatial Awareness, Quick Eye Movements, Multi-Tasking, Eye Teaming, Contrast Sensitivity, Depth Perception, Dynamic Visual Acuity, Decision Making, Visual Memory, Perception span, etc... 


the Mission

Bring transformation to athletes performance and help them achieve mastery over their position and life.


We do this by utilizing the latest vision, reaction, and cognitive training methods available. 


Arthur Leibowitz

Certified Sports Vision Training Specialist 

Founder of Hand Eye Coaches

Associate - International Sports Vision Association

As a former ice hockey goalie, I know what it feels like to be the last man of defense and to have all of the pressure and responsibility of the position.


While still in my playing career I had the opportunity of meeting and training with a sports vision trainer. Inspired by the work they were doing and feeling the difference on the ice, I had a strong desire to share this training with others.


Since that time, I have studied the topic and applied what I learned from my own training and study into the training regiments of other goaltenders. I have been fortunate enough to have served many goalies. My hope is to make a difference in the lives of goalies by sharing the most up to date vision training methods and technologies available.

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