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Coach Arthur

Coach Arthur has helped hundreds of athletes improve their game through visual, cognitive and reaction training methods. He has been a guest on the Lax Goalie Rat podcast and has built programs for and been a guest coach at many camps including; Prime Goaltending, The Catching Guy, De Castro Goaltending Academy, Eli Wilson Goaltending, etc.. He also conducts private and group sessions for his clients.


What sets Arthur's technique apart is his holistic approach to training. As a State Certified Energy Healer and Yoga Therapist, Arthur incorporates the foundational principles of health and wellbeing into his training. It’s not just about training athletes to be the quickest and sharpest on the field/ice. It is also about the growth of their character, ability to manage emotions and to learn from their training experiences. He believes qualities such as discipline, resilience, and a mindset that has a “never give up attitude” can be cultivated through this medium of training. A holistic approach and being able to act and react at a fraction of a second faster then one's oponent is what sets special athletes apart.

Call or text Arthur at 914-844-8713 to book your introduction session today. He can also be reached at arthur@handeyecoaches.com

The biggest thing I look for in any athlete I train is their willingness, devotion and commitment to their self development.