vision training for athletes 

Hand Eye Coaches Vision training works on improving the visual and cognitive  skills neccessary to become the best athlete you can be. It will help enable you to see things faster, process them quicker and react quicker.


This will allow you to slow the game down around you, and cut time off of your reactions in order to be sharper on the field/Ice/Court.

The best way to get started is with a private 1-1 introductory session where you will be able to have many of your visual skills checked such as your eye mobility, hand-eye coordination, peripheral awreness and many other skills.

“Working with Arthur has been extremely beneficial. You hear “hand eye” so often and to me it was always just throwing a ball off a wall. But through this program I realized there are so many unique drills and variations that can be done that directly translate to performance on the ice. I can’t recommend this program enough."

Cj hapward

ncdc ct junior rangers

ncaa D3 colby college

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